Ontodia - an open source version of Sputniq platform for exploration and visualization of graph-based data

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All rights to Ontodia and its source code have been transferred to Sputniq GmbH, a newly established entity that will support commercialization and further development of the platform from now on. You can still contact the team at info@ontodia.org, but your inquiries will be forwared to Sputniq employees.

Please note that in the next 2 or 3 months the service on Ontodia.org for data navigation will be discontinued. An alternative to the current solution will be offered to the registered users in the upcoming newsletter

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Always at hand

No need to install anything. Your work is always safe and accessible in the cloud for you and your collaborators
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Visual data exploration

You can upload the new unfamiliar data or ontology and start exploring it in a diagram form
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User friendly diagrams

Ontodia supports drag'n'drop of data to the diagram and the use of mobile devices
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Users control their content

Subscribers control their diagrams and data sources: they can share, publish their work on Internet and work in teams

Diagram samples made in Ontodia

RDF triple stores

Jena, blazegraph, etc

Property graphs

neo4j, OrientDB

Object data bases

Intersystems Cache

Any other queryable graph structure

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Sputniq Explorer: commercial version of Ontodia

Feature Sputniq Explorer
Commercial version
Basic features of Ontodia library Yes
Data provider to fetch data from SPARQL Yes
HTML templates for nodes Yes
User actions (undo/redo) Yes
Multiple selection of nodes Yes
Rectangular box multiple selection Yes
Multiple removal of nodes from diagram Yes
Snap guides for node alignment Yes
Additional layouts Yes
A set of DataProvider connectors to work with graph data storages Yes
Caching of query execution results on the client Yes
A year of commercial version library updates Yes
Cost Please inquire
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