Less dedepndent and more reliable

From the very beginning Ontodia, which we position as a graph exploration tool, carried a heavy dependency. It critically relied on JointJS library. JointJS is a front-end component that enables visualization and creation of many types of diagrams in user interface. It was a huge help for us at the start. With the very good quality of code we had a significant portion of Ontodia functionality covered by this open source library and we are very thankful to its developers. We were selecting this component carefully and cautiously and it served us well for a while.

Linguistic services to make Ontodia's UX smarter

Thanks to Gerhard Wohlgenannt, who developed the first linguistic service that already improves the user interaction in Ontodia. When the user navigates a large dataset like Wikidata with lots of properties, he might be lost in choosing the property to use for exploring further.

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Less dedepndent and more reliable
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Linguistic services to make Ontodia's UX smarter
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