Linguistic services to make Ontodia's UX smarter

Thanks to Gerhard Wohlgenannt, who developed the first linguistic service that already improves the user interaction in Ontodia. When the user navigates a large dataset like Wikidata with lots of properties, he might be lost in choosing the property to use for exploring further. Let’s say, you are now at Theodore Roosevelt on your diagram and you want to learn all about his hobbies whatever they are. There are tons of relations incoming and outgoing that connect “Teddy” Roosevelt with other things and you do not want to search through all of them to find ones that have to do with hobbies. So now you can simply type “hobby” as a search query at the top of context menu and the linguistic service will select only the relevant properties to explore. You’ll quickly find out that Roosevelt was practicing judo, which, honestly, I’ve never heard of before until I started writing this update to our Ontodia project.

Please follow this link to play with the demo.

f you don’t know where to start from in the demo, see the short video tutorial.

Or you can read the demo paper with more technical details that will be presented at ISWC 2017 in Vienna.

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