And now a server-free JS library

We have already quite a history of collaboration with InterSystems. The latest episode resulted in creation of a lightweight JavaScript library from Ontodia web application. The motivation for it was acquired at ESWC 2016 - one of the leading event in the semantic web community. Our team demoed Ontodia’s new feature this year and the feedback from developers was loud and clear. We need the library so much more than we ever needed any web application.

Right at the conference we made plans with InterSystems office in Russia to build a library out of Ontodia for the purpose of data Navigation that could be used together with their database Cache’.


Ontodia library keeps all the features of the web application.

  • It displays a class tree and supports drag-and-drop actions.
  • It shows instances of classes and supports diagram expansion by placing them on canvas
  • It provides mean of data navigation - by clicking any node instances directly related to it are shown in “Instances” panel, etc
  • It allows to rearrange nodes and edges on the diagram and remove them if needed

Release date

In September we will release an open source version of the library for the general public. Until then we invite you to check out how Ontodia library enables data navigation over non-SPARQL data source.

Hang on tight - Ontodia library is coming! team was selected to present Ontodia as a Startup at Linked Startup Workshop organized as a satellite event with ISWC 2016. Together with service we will be showing the stand-alone Ontodia library. Drop by to say hello to us if you happen to be in Kobe this year!
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