Ontodia becomes a part of workflow in international open budget ontology project

Ontodia being by design a simple tool for visualization and exploration of ontologies has been adopted by British-Russian initiative challenged with collaborative development of open budget ontology. The developed top-level conceptual model will then be used as basic reference knowledge graph for bringing together all possible open data published on the web on finances and budgeting. In the close future with such ontology at hand, one could execute sophisticated analytics on government’s spendings, monitor their dynamics and draw comparison conclusions.

Distributed team problem solved - effective workflow

The problem that Ontodia helped overcome in the project was the remote nature of the team - all members live in different places and need to coordinate collaborative work. All communication about ontology development was based on diagrams produced and shared in Ontodia. The team extensively used its new feature - integration with GitHub and WebProtege. So the workflow was eventually quite simple:

  1. Model things on paper or in sketches;
  2. Convert the sketches into fragments of ontology in offline Protege or WebProtege
  3. Publish ontology on GitHub
  4. Produce data view and diagrams in Ontodia;
  5. Discuss and make corrections
Distributed ontology development team workflow
Distributed ontology development team workflow"

Share problem solution with the world

Having a hands-on experience, it was not hard to put it on paper. The demo paper about the suggested workflow was submitted for one of the top conferences in semantic world - ESWC. The good news arrived just the last week - our demo is accepted!

See you on Crete at ESWC 2016!

Distributed ontology development team workflow

The camera-ready demo paper can be accessed here.

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