ontodia library integrates with metaphactory platform

The second client of ontodia library has acknowledged that the integration with metaphactory platform is now done. Of course there’s still much to do to accommodate the extended use cases for platform, but the basic work is now finished. Ontodia library is used in the platform to visualize the graph for the purposes of data representation and navigation. For metaphactory platform our team has implemented the following additional features:

  • Allow user to navigate from any node on the graph to a dedicated resource page,
  • Allow user to see the image associated with the node for the richer data representation,
  • Custom html templating for nodes and edged (to be released for the library soon)

The result of integration will be demonstrated to the public at ISWC 2016 on October, 17 during the Linked Startup Workshop.

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ontodia library integrates with metaphactory platform
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