Semantic data editing - a sneak preview

Going to ESWC 2016 – one of the most acknowledged conferences on semantic technologies – I was excited having to present at the demo session our newly built preview of data editing functionality. This is the kind of feature we all have been dreaming of making for almost a year but never had a chance or courage to step to it.

Finally, the approval for our participation in the conference gave us all a kick of proper motivation to plunge into development frenzy. Daniil Razdyakonov and Olga Belyaeva toughed it up in little over than a week. Right now the editing capabilities are extremely limited in Ontodia. Let me tell you what you can and can’t do with the sneak preview data editing prototype. You can:

  • Edit datatype properties of any object on the graph by togging to “Properties” panel of the right and modifying the property values
  • Create new object properties (relations) between objects on the graph be clicking stretch connection icon icon next to the node and stretching the arrow to another node

Right now you cannot:

  • Save changes to data sources other than SPARQL endpoint running on Blazegraph. For other sources we keep only temporary history in browser
  • Create new objects

Please visit to check out the data editing.

Looking forward to hear your impression on the preview. It is deployed on our testing ground here: Please feel free to discuss ontodia with us at our dedicated newsgroup or write to us directly at

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