Business topology
A visualization of and navigation over the data from National business registry of Russia

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Sergey Isaev
CEO of DataFabric

What it took to implement our ideas on Ontodia platform

Evgeniy Hlyzov
CTO of DataFabric

From day 1 we decided that one of our technical advantages will be the use of graph data under the hood and thus all the benefits, which it brings. Why graphs? Well, our goal was to mesh data from various sources to deliver the maximum awareness to the user. Let’s say for example, you’d like to know the most about the particular company you are dealing with or planning to engage with. There are a number of state registries that publish relevant data, but it all comes in various formats and is hardly readable. Our offer is to combine them all together and present in a form of a highly interactive user-friendly web application.

21 dev days

18 commits

333 Gb

Front-end developer to adjust the library

It took 22 commits to adjust Ontodia

The data set size is quite large

“What?” question had very direct answer but the question “How?” was still on agenda. So we started looking around and realized that there are no so many tools out there that are capable of step-by-step navigation over data graphs combined with highly flexible visual templating mechanisms. When we accidentally came across ontodia we sought no further.

The other advantage that we greatly enjoy about Ontodia is its ability to work over huge data sources. For instance, only the registry of commercial entities contains over 10 mil records. Each record about company has approximately 20-30 facts about it, which brings the total number of facts to 300 mil! And Ontodia coupled with a decent triple store can handle that with grace. The solution lies in incremental expansion of graph, which Ontodia spells out as the main usage scenario.

Default visualization templates in Ontodia prior to start of the project
Ontodia data visualization upon completion of customization

We had very strict requirements towards user interface. We employed one of the best specialists available in the area to do the mockup of UI and think through the user experience. Ontodia stood the test of pixel hunting quite well and managed to adjust to our initial images without any compromise from design point of view.