Ontodia - a platform for exploration and visualization of graph-based data

Learn mode about the acquisition here

Over the last months, Sputniq (the commercial version of Ontodia) has become an integral part of the metaphactory platform. metaphactory is a product of metaphacts. You can learn more about Sputniq and its capabilities within metaphactory at https://metaphacts.com/sputniq

metaphacts offers the following options to evaluate our solutions for your use cases:

Open Source

Our open-source product is now available on github

Public Demo System

Our public demo system is available at wikidata.metaphacts.com. This service is free of charge. The public demo system is open to anyone and allows you to store your own diagrams based on the wikidata dataset.

Hosted Solution

This service is based on metaphactory and allows you to load your own data, create and modify diagrams, and utilize all other metaphactory features around visualization, authoring, search and knowledge graph management. More information can be found at https://metaphacts.com/aws-marketplace. We are currently offering AWS Service Credits to offset infrastructure cost during the trial period. For further details please reach out to info@metaphacts.com

Demo video

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Visual data exploration

Users can easily navigate over new unfamiliar data or ontology and explore it in a diagram form
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User friendly diagrams

Ontodia supports drag'n'drop of data to the diagram and the use of mobile devices

Diagram samples made in Ontodia